Vivid Solutions Uganda ltd

We supply, install and maintaine a full range of fire detection & fire fighting systems for your homes, offices, warehouses, recreation centers, and all business centers.

Ready or Not, fire emergencies happen. Get fast emergency response systems from Vivid Solutions.

We install fire alarms, top notch smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers of CO_2 gas, foam and powder in addition to servicing and refilling them. We also offer a wide range of fire supression systems


Smoke detectors

we install and service top quality smoke detectors at affordable prices.


Responsive Fire alarms

With a variety of highly effective fire alarms, our brand stands out as the proven best for you


Fire Extinguishers

We are dealers in gas & powder extinguishers
Our competent staff can be relied on to service all kinds of fire extinguishers


The Electric fence by Vivid Solutions Uganda limited is installed in such a way that it unpleasantly shocks the intruder and stops them from accessing your premises. It also comes handy with an alarm which automatically triggers each time an intruder tempers with the fence, making it a number one security measure for your home, factory or business premise.

Installed by our professional technicians, the high grade Razor wire fence or a combination of razor & electric wires offers another safe alternative.


Razor Wire Fence

we install all grades of Razor wire at affordable prices depending on your needs.


Razor-Electric fence

Razor combined with electric wire is considerably the most secure installation you can have


Electric Fence

With the intruder alarm handy, you are sure of safety

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